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Nanny / Manny

A Nanny/ Manny is a very competent and professional person whose duty is to take care of your children at your home. Nannies/Mannys are responsible for the instructive development and growth of the child from the day they are born to almost the age of ten years. Nannies/Mannys can live in your home and outside it and you can hire them permanently or for a specific period of time. They sometimes are solely responsible for the child and sometimes they share this trust with the other family members such as father, mother, and grandparents and even with another Nanny/Manny. The duties of a Nanny/Manny are diverse as they are fully responsible for the security and comfort of the child. They have to arrange activities for the children which are safe, inspiring, and suitable for their age. They are also responsible for nursing the children, washing the clothes, keeping them tidy and preparing healthy food for them. Doing the daily domestic jobs is not included in their responsibilities. Nanny/Manny hourly rate depends of qualification and experience (£10- £15 net per hour)

Before & After


Nannies / Mannys

Before and after School Nannies/Mannys can be your best assistant and they are the great companion if you have school going children. They can perform their duty for five hours or more per day and five days a week. These Nannies/Mannys will help the children to get ready for school and they will also drop them at school. After this, they will do some nursery tasks such as washing children clothes, cleaning the room. They will also pick up the children from school. They are also responsible for arranging some healthy activities and to provide dinner for children. They can help them in completing their homework as well. Before and After School Nanny/Manny rate is a little bit higher because they are doing very limited hours (£12- £15 net per hour) 


Babysitter it is a person who look after the children in evening, when parents are not at home. The duties of the evening babysitter start from 6 PM /7 PM. Babysitter duties are to be make sure that the children are safe when the parents are out. Babysitter could be responsible for preparing evening meal for children, giving them bath/story time/checking when the children are asleep. Babysitter also have some rights as you have to pay them the taxi fee to ensure their security if you return home after 11 PM. For the babysitting service you can pay them in cash at the end of the day. All babysitting jobs must be booked at least 72 hours prior babysitting day. Please, make sure to cancel the bookings if is not any more needed at a notice of 24 hours (no charges will apply). If you cancel on the day of your booking you have to pay a nanny a compensation £30. Babysitter rate(£10- £12 net per hour)  

Mother’s Help

Any woman/man with less experience can be hired for Mother’s Help. A person working in a nursery with less experience and qualification can be provided as Mother’s Help. She usually works with father or mother helping them with childcare and other domestic tasks. They can live in and out of your home but their salary package is always less than an experienced Nanny (£10- £12 net per hour)

Nanny / Manny


Sometimes two families share a single Nanny/Manny and divide the cost of hiring. These Nannies /Mannys are well qualified and experienced as mentioned above but their salary can be a little higher because they have to perform the same duties but for more children as two families are involved (£13- £15 net per hour)



It’s a special service as the parents can book emergency childcare on a notice of 48 hours. These Nannies/Mannys can look after children, from newborn child up to 16 years old in the client house. Please make sure to cancel your emergency booking if is not needed any more at a notice of 24 hours prior your emergency booking date (no charges will apply). If you cancel on the day of your booking, then you will be charged 100% hourly rate.